Childrens Bedrooms

Fashion 'Summer 2012 inspired Nursery room

 yellow skirt : Prada
dress: Chloé
shoes: Tara Jarmon
sunglasses : Top shop

 Contemporary grey room for girls with touches of vintage colours

For a girls bedroom, think of other shades of pink than the tradional princess pink..such as honeysucckle pink,
raspberry pink or plum pink..Wonderful associated with blueish greys

Bold, geometrical shapes and patterns in a nursery room 

A rug with a bold geometrical pattern will give a modern twist to a nurseryroom.
The black in this nurseryroom breaks the cute- all-over and too traditional look.

 White Dreamy NurseryRoom

White painted floor boards

White furniture mixed with non-painted
wood furniuture

Light white curtains

chunky false fur rug ( IKEA)

bamboo bowls

Wooden hut beds

These beds are just great! Not only do they allow for some extra space under the hut (to be used
as a cosy reading space or to place toys) but also allows the child to feel like an adventurer with his or hers
own little "house" like in the forest!